Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Paintings at the more 'ethereal' end of the spectrum

Heaven Ladder:

In context as the cover of critically acclaimed tribute to Brian Wilson album:

Blue Fairy:


The Minotaur:

The Minotaur in a larger context:

Three Teenage Moons:

Shirley Temple:

more bulls:

Softie Goat:

Giraffe experiencing an Epiphany:

Drummer Baby:

Relatively more 'Meaty' Paintings

Being crazy in the bushes (Oil on dalerboard):

bottom half of a portrait of my Dad by a shed:

Bob in the wind:

Kurt and clouds:

Happy pinup with yellow highlight:

Red alternative:

Misc. Works on paper with colour

A Leopard and a flower

John Cena coloured pencil studies:

Experiments in Britney with red and green:

Randy John with my little pony sensibility:

Yellow boys and leopards:

Optically ambiguous Wrestler grouping (oil pastel)

At times:

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

line drawings/monochrome drawings

Three roundheaded Bobs:

Katherine Jenkins:

Two angry masculine statues:

Pathos riddled man leopards:

Fast lines:

Slower Lines:

Faces partly derived from lion statues, partly from men.